Final decisions

Well, a {hopefully} final solution has been determined in the ongoing wrist saga.  I had my follow-up appointment with my hand surgeon yesterday to see how the cortisone shot worked.  As you may have read in the Wishing section of this post, it didn’t work so well.  There was extreme dizziness to the point that I passed out a couple of times, and there was horrendous pain to the point that I was ready to chop the hand off and go bionic.  Then I could at least make the noise every time I walked in the room, am I right?

Anywho, I digress.

So the determination, none other than a little bit towards the side of bionic.  It turns out that while there is a partial tear of my TFCC ligament in my wrist, the main culprit of the chronic pain is…..wait for it….my longer than normal Ulna bone.  This has apparently been putting extra pressure on the cartilage and tendons/ligaments and causing the pain, numbness and irritation in the whole hand/wrist/forearm area.  Solution?  Surgery – to shorten the ulna bone.  Yes, the Ulna shortening procedure.  Oh my, that just sounds not very fun.  But hey, if it will alleviate the pain so I can actually function again.  No date set for the surgery just yet, waiting on worker’s comp to approve.  I’m hoping it will be soon though so we can get this show on the road.


In other news, the honeymoon destination has also been decided!  J and I will be heading off the Hawaii!  We are so jazzed for it!  He’s so excited to show me around a couple of the islands (he was base on Oahu for a few years when he was in the military).  We also have a few friends there that we are hoping to be able to visit, along with a new baby that is set to be born in about a month!  We had looked at Jamaica, but it was a wee bit expensive, plus we both need to get new passports and decided to use that money elsewhere at the moment.  I can’t wait for my sun, sand and beach!  Boy what I wouldn’t give for that right about now.  Especially with waking up to a balmy 10 degree spring morning, oofta!


Any big decisions made over in your neck of the woods lately?

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