A new venture!

I have gone off on a new adventure!  Okay, so not really new, but something more has come out of it.

I have recently opened a new Etsy shop!  Full of different drawings and paintings that I have done.

I started off with Recut Designs, which is full of fiber and textile fun, but didn’t have anywhere to put my art and drawings.  No worries, Recut Designs is still open, I just can’t add too many new things at the moment while the wrist is in slight disarray.

I present to you:  Art in My Soul!


This shop is full of drawings that I have done over the past year, along with a few paintings and pieces of mixed media art.  I may also add in some pieces that were done in previous years as they are dug out of my closet.  I absolutely love drawing and painting, and our walls are getting a bit full here at the house.  I then had someone ask why I hadn’t added them to an Etsy shop.  Light bulb!  I knew you could have more than one shop, I guess it had just never dawned on me.  So without further hesitation, I jumped on and opened shop.




I hope you will hop on over and take a gander, I really am loving this newest little venture.  🙂


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