You know it’s Spring in Minnesota when…



• … it’s almost 60° on Monday and then 6″ of snow on Friday.

• … you see your neighbors outside that you haven’t seen in 6 months because you were all in hibernation.

• … the college kids all start wearing t-shirts and flip flops when it’s only 50° out.

• … you pull the grill out on the official first day of Spring, and there are still piles of snow in your yard.

• … you finally see the real color of your car once all of the salt and muck is washed off.

• … you switch to your “spring” coat, which is still heavier than anyone’s “winter” coat in the South.

• … you alternate between your lawn mower and snow blower during the months of March, April, and May.

• … you have to find space in your refrigerator for extra food, because you can’t use your garage as a fridge anymore.

• … everyone and their brother is out for a walk/run around one of the lakes in the city.

• … you see the switch from blaze orange & camo to fishing poles & waders.

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