Spring Swap 2014 – Reveal Day!

If you’ve been around these areas a while, you know I’m a gal who loves a good swap – and this one wasn’t any different!

Today is Reveal Day for Spring Swap 2014, put together by a gal whose blog I greatly enjoy, Katie at Tomorrow, With a Smile.  I was paired up with Suzi over at Heart of a Huldeen (and yes, I’ll take a little credit for the nudge to get her to start the blog!  Make sure you take a trip on over and say hello).  🙂  I had a great time getting to know Suzi (very quickly) through emails, stalking perusing through her blog, Pinterest, and Instagram.  She’s a sweet Indiana girl who loves her man (and her little fluffy pup too – Henry, what a stinkin’ cute name!).  I put a few things in her package to help inspire her as she started her blog, and an awesome vintage hook made from horse shoes – she’s an avid horse gal.  I also added in a candle that is one of my favorite scents.  We’re in debate if it’s honeysuckle or gardenia – either way, it’s a great spring scent!

What I sent off to Suzi:

My lovely package of goodies:

I was so excited when I found my package from Suzi on my front step, and I couldn’t wait to tear into it!  No worries, I did slow down just a bit to get some pics.  I first saw the yellow chevron box with Thin Mint Puppy Chow…oh dear Suzi, a woman after my own heart!  How did she know, puppy chow and I go way back.  And Thin Mint flavored?  I’ve been trying to ration it to make it last.  She also sent two glasses that she made for the Mr. and I filled with paper straws, a batch of Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub (smells divine!), and a Honeymoon Fund jar that is already ready to go out at our wedding this summer!  Love, love, love this swap, and the sweet lady who sent me the goodies!

This was a lovely swap, and it was great to get to know my swap partner before picking out the goodies.  Another successful swap!

2 thoughts on “Spring Swap 2014 – Reveal Day!

    • It was definitely a great swap! And I love the honeymoon fund! A jar like that was on my list to make for the wedding, and now that’s been checked off 🙂

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