31 Happy Things


Oofta. It’s Wednesday and gloomy. It’s early and I’m not a morning person. It’s Spring and we’re supposed to get sn*w today (I just can’t say the word…).  We should be in the 60’s, and it was 33° when I woke up this morning.

Today sounds like a great day for…

31 happy things

1.  Kitty cuddles.

2.  Craisins in my oatmeal.

3.  Smiles from coworkers.

4.  Finding hearts in nature-made things.

5.  FaceTiming with Niecey.

6.  Birds singing.

7.  Hugs.

8.  Driving with windows open.

9.  Finishing a drawing.

10.  Giving special gifts.

11.  Spring walks.

12.  Looking at family yearbooks.

13.  Etsy converstaions.

14.  No jackets outside.

15.  Crackling bonfires.

16.  A bowl of popcorn.

17.  A cute pair of heels.

18.  Nice cold can of Dr. Pepper.

19.  Dreams of the future.

20.  A little bling in the day.

21.  A good run.

22.  Comfy sweatpants after work.

23.  Seeing J after a long day.

24.  Flowers blooming.

25.  An evening sewing.

26.  Odd numbers.

27.  Jimmy Fallon’s show.

28.  Hulu’s free stream.

29.  Baby giggles.

30.  Flannel sheets.

31.  Knowing that I’m not alone.

What makes you happy??

4 thoughts on “31 Happy Things

  1. 9 and 21 are on my to do list today! Things that make me happy today: the fact that spring break is just around the corner. http://publicfunctionary.org/now/ <—–this artist who I think you will love too that I found on the jealous curator, salsa and chips and the good wife season 2. There are so many things to be happy about aren't there???

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