20 Ways I’ve Made Money

As I sit here re-working the budget because of altered pay due to worker’s comp, I started thinking of other ways I could supplement my income.  That then got me thinking of all of the different ways that I have made money throughout the years.

a)  Babysitting – I babysat for years starting at about 12.  I had a few regular families that I babysat for frequently.

b)  Garage sales – my mom and I do one every few years, usually when something is coming up that we need a little extra moolah for, or after a move.

c)  Puppet shows – my neighbor kids and I put together a puppet show when we were little and charged admission to the parents to watch.

d)  Dog sitting – I’ve watched a few neighbors’ dogs over the years.

e)  Chores at home – my parents paid us to do chores around the house when we were kids.

f)  Summer reading – my mom paid us a penny a page that we read during the summer.  There were a couple of summers that I made bank and read tons of books.

g)  Retail – I worked at an office supply store most of high school and some of college.

h)  Lab assistant – There were a few computer labs that I worked in while earning my bachelors degree at school.

i)  Party plan – I did a stint for a year with a party plan company.

j)  Mystery shopping – I did some mystery shopping during my first couple years out of college.  Needless to say, there weren’t many shops that made it incredibly worth it for me.

k)  Rebates/cash-back programs – Most online shopping I do is done through a few websites that I am able to earn cash back.

l)  Making things to sell – I have had a craft business since I was about 10 years old.  The items may have changed, but I’m still making and selling.  I have done both fairs and online sales.

m)  Collecting & recycling cans – I have been doing this for about four years now.  It’s not super lucrative, but has helped for paying off some debt.

n)  Ebay – I’ve sold my old things on Ebay, along with things I’ve bought to flip on Ebay.

o)  Amazon – When I have books that I am ready to get rid of, including text books, I head over to Amazon Marketplace and sell there.  I have sold quite a few, especially around the beginning of school semesters.

p)  Design services – I used to be a commercial Interior Designer, and provided some folks with help in their homes.  I did not ask for money, but was given money for my time.

q)  Hemming pants – I did some hemming for a co-worker in the past, and she paid me for the service.

r)  Photography – I don’t do too much, but I have done a bit of freelance photography.

s)  Clerical work – I did a bunch of clerical work for my mom when she was a teacher.  Everything from data entry to filing.  I also worked with her at a summer camp she put of for her students.

t)  Teaching dance – During my junior year of high school, I helped my dance teacher with a few of younger classes, my little kindergarten and first grade girls.

What are some different ways you have made money in your lifetime?


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