I must apologize.

Hello all! Happy Friday!  It’s not raining, the sun is out and I have answers!

I know I have been a bit quiet lately. No worries, I am still alive. I have been a bit preoccupied waiting for news about my wrist.  Well, things have finally calmed down a bit, and I feel like I am able to actually focus now.  I must apologize for my time away, but I’m back!  At least for a week.  Then I’ll be back again after a bit once again.

Unfortunately worker’s comp denied my claim.  Needless to say, last Thursday and Friday were not very good days after finding that they denied that my injury was work related.  There has been much debate, and I have thankfully found that I have many on my side and in my corner, but I am brushing it all off and moving on with treatment on my own.  Silver lining: the treatment and healing is now on my time.  After waiting for 3 months and jumping through many hoops, surgery has been scheduled and I have a potential end date in view (granted the healing all goes well).  There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

On that note, surgery has been scheduled for next Wednesday, as in less than a week.  So, in turn, this week has been full of filling out paperwork, moving things around in the calendar, and making my list of things to do before I go under the knife.  Or as I like to say – before I become bionic.   Okay, so there will just be a metal plate to help the bone heal, but that’s bionic enough for me!  Nnnn….naaa…….naaa………naa……naaaaaaa……….

After the surgery, it will be a couple of weeks of healing, then hopefully back to work on light duty for a bit.  And if all goes well, I may be back to it, full-bore by mid-July!  Just in time to get things ready, throw some self tanner on my wrist so it matches the rest of my body, and get married!  Oh yeah, there’s that too.  We must continue preparing for our big day amidst my healing.  Wedding prep and pain meds, good combo?  Eh, I don’t know about that…

I can’t promise that there will be more posts before the surgery, but I can promise I won’t be posting on pain meds after the surgery.  I am hoping to have a few posts prepped and ready to go, but if that doesn’t happen – please stand by for our regularly scheduled program once I’ve healed up a bit!



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