Thank You Letters


Dear Puddles:  Thank you for finally making an appearance after this very long winter.  And thank you for making me a kid again.

Dear Black & White Stripey Scarf:  Thank you for being just light enough, yet warm enough for this lovely spring weather we’re having.

Dear Dr. Pepper:  Thank you for being in this long-term relationship with me.  While we may see each other too much, it is nice to have a faithful friend in you.

Dear Cold Water:  Thank you for quenching my thirst, and for helping to replenish my body.  Sometimes I even like to add ice.  I’m beginning to like you a bit more each day.

Dear Stack of Books:  Thank you for helping me to step away from technology, and for giving me a chance to lose myself in your different worlds for a while.


Dear Acrylic Paints:  Thank you for helping to bring back my groove and renew my love for painting.  I remember our many hours spent together in London.

Dear Pinewood Derby cars:  Thank you for making me feel like a kid again, even if just for an afternoon.

One thought on “Thank You Letters

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