What an adventure!

dream clouds


What a world of adventure it would be!

A friend of mine from work recently shared that at the end of the month, she and her hubby are leaving their jobs to travel the world.


That’s right – they are selling everything but what they are taking with them, selling their place and hitting the road.  She told me they have been planning this for a bit and really hardcore saved for the last year and a half.  No plans to return home at this time, just off to travel as long as the desire strikes them.

What an absolute leap of faith!  And how flipping fantastic would that be?  Taking time to travel the world, the only thing planned – adventure.  I told her I will be living vicariously through her as I hear about her adventures.

That got me thinking, what do I really want out of my life?  Like, really want?

: To share my life with an amazingly awesome man who I will share vows with in a few months.

: To be a mother.  I know this may be a challege, but some way- some how, I know I am meant to be a mother.  And for the possible chance to stay home with them when we do have them.

: To share my art with the world.  Thank goodness there is Etsy and other Etsy for that.

: To travel to all 50 states with my love.  We have a few checked off, but many to go.

: To travel overseas.  The bug bit me when I studied abroad for school, and now I crave more!

: And a huge one, to be debt-free!

Gosh, all of these things, and I wonder where the time will come for them all.  Patience, faith, trust in God that my path will include them when they are supposed to be.

Let’s Chat:  What do you really want??


4 thoughts on “What an adventure!

  1. I love these! I really want to be a stay at home mom when the time comes. I know that sounds old fashioned but I think it would be really awesome!

  2. Wow!! How amazing they are just up and traveling the world. I doubt they will ever regret that! So fun. Life is short so we do have to make the most if things in our own way. My way is not traveling the world and quitting my job, but it does remind you to make the most of things. 🙂

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