Currently :: June Edition


Okay, so apparently I missed a couple of months along the way.  Oh well, on with June.  Which can only mean one thing…half-way through and another edition of “Currently”.

Reading :: “Entangled Minds”.  Sometimes I am kind of a science nerd, and the whole Quantum theories/metaphysics is crazy interesting.

Eating :: fruit.  Any kind really.  Lots of berries, watermelon, peaches.

Watching :: So You Think You Can Dance.  Dancing is in the blood.

Missing :: J, if that’s possible.  Now that school is out he’s on the night shift schedule and I’m working the day shift until the wrist is healed.  Two ships passing in the wind.

Looking forward to :: Our Hawaii honeymoon.  I had another dream about it last night….can we just leave yet?!?

Wishing :: for an absolutely beautiful day on our wedding day.

Drinking :: Water.  Lots and lots of water.

Feeling :: A little behind in life as I watch many friends announcing pregnancies, births of babies, or milestones in the lives of their little ones.

Loving :: going on walks with J.  We’ve been walking around local lakes lately.  There is just something serene about being around water.

Beginning :: the 21 Day Fix with J.  We’re ready to look fab for our big day!

Listening to :: Big band music.  Wedding prep!

What have you been up to lately?

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