One step forward…two steps back.

Oh man, what a weekend.  All was well until Saturday morning when my wrist was a little itchy.  I removed my splint and sleeve underneath to reveal a little redness on my wrist and part of my knuckles.  Okay, a little reaction to the compression sleeve I wore when sleeping that I got from my physical therapist.  I called the on-call doc to check in.  Benadryl and stop in to get it checked out, make sure there wasn’t an infection at the incision.  Got it checked, no infection, check.  Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream.  It’s a go.

Until it started to get worse.  It began traveling along my scar and entire wrist.  Went in Sunday to get it check, now blisters have started to pop up.  Along with joint pain and pain along the scar.  Okay, now lets switch to Claritin and keep up with the cream.  Oh, and wrap in an ace bandage, no more sleeve and splint.

And then came Monday, full redness and blisters, itching and pain.  And off I was to see my doctor to have it looked at.  Oh, and it traveled a bit more, past the point of where the splint was, and around all knuckles and my thumb.  And the swelling, ooofta.  I look like the Hulk.  But instead of green and beefy, I look red and sausagey.  It’s an angry arm.  No infection, continue with Claritin, and was prescribed some high power cream.

As of this morning, I think it has finally stopped moving, now to just get it to heal up.  It’s not as red, but the pain – whoa.  And still a bit sausagey.

Now the mission is to find out what is in that compression sleeve, and what exactly it is that I will never be putting in contact with my skin again.

At least I have gotten the all clear to be brace/cast/splint free!

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