7 Weekly Happies :: Vol. 1

It’s time for this week’s Seven Weekly Happies!

Weekly Happies

1.  Walking around the lake with J and reconnecting with each other.

2.  We finally have all of the invites out (or scheduled to go out this week)!

3.  This week is the big 3-oh for me!  I’ve decided I’m running to it, not away.  There won’t be any “29 Again years” for this gal.

4.  A meeting this week with our photographer for the wedding.

5.  Our massage appointments this week.  And I get a 90-minute (love my b-day gift from our therapist)!

6.  The sun is out and shining, and I can finally work to get some color.

7.  Visiting with family this weekend at our niece’s graduation party.

What makes you happy this week??

2 thoughts on “7 Weekly Happies :: Vol. 1

  1. I just posted some “Happy Things” this afternoon on my blog… off the top of my head, fresh GF banana bread, some custom orders which help with our finances, bright, sunny and hot, central air. 😉

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