I’ve made the leap!

I have been looking around at different ways to increase my income lately, and have recently made the jump to my next step in this journey. I am now an Independent Consultant with Jamberry Nails!

Haven’t heard of Jamberry Nails?


If you’re interested in giving Jamberry Nail Wraps a try, why not host a party?  It doesn’t have to be done at your house.  Online parties are the way to go!  Click here to schedule your very own party.


Or you can request a sample, and your sample will be sent directly to your house.

There are so many great things about Jamberry Nails that I love!  My favorite thing?  No dry time, and no chipping!  The wraps last 2 weeks on fingers, and up to 6 weeks on your tows.  Who wouldn’t love that?!


If you want updates (like the new designs that will be coming out September 1st!) – be sure to like & follow my Facebook page here!

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