So this happened!


After many months of planning, the big day finally came!  8.23.14 will forever be our day. This was the sneak peek photo our amazing photographer, Danielle, posted on Sunday…and I’m in love with it. We will be getting a large canvas of this one for sure!

As you can tell, we had a rather non-traditional wedding. J wore a kilt made of his family tartan that came directly from Scotland. I wore a dress that wasn’t white, and carried a vintage broach bouquet. The wedding was perfectly us. Vintage themed with pictures and vignettes of items that have been passed down in the family. Including my grandfather’s medals from World War II, and a framed picture of my great-great grandparents taken at their 50th wedding anniversary party. The history spread throughout the decorations was incredible. Toys from my husband’s childhood, my grandmother’s bible- a gift from my grandfather on their wedding day, and my great-grandmother’s brush and mirror set engraved with her name. 

It was definitely a blessed day!  And the best part?  I got an amazing man I can finally call my husband out of it all!

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