The day I rented a car that was worth more than my life savings…

I woke up this morning a little later than planned.  J had to be at school earlier to set up a Veterans event his club was sponsoring.  I knew the day was off to a rough start when we were leaving the house 5 minutes later than planned.

I got into the car and started it up.  An unfamiliar rumble and rattle began.  Oh great, now what.  I drive a manual, and I couldn’t shift the vehicle.  Great.  I turn the car off thinking it would fix it.  And…..nope.  I turn the car off, put it in neutral, turn it back on and get it down the driveway thinking having on level ground would make a difference.  No such luck.  It was then a call to the family mechanic.  “Oh, you’re scheduling a week out and can’t look at it until Monday?  Awesome.”  Then a call to the tow truck and the rental car company.  After all was said and done, my car was hooked up to the tow truck and rolled its sad little way to the mechanic where it will sit all lonely for a week.

Then it was off to Enterprise to get my rental so I could actually get anywhere, like work which I had to get to today.  They had something available, and here I’m thinking I will get a standard, run of the mill vehicle that I have to hand crank the windows and may or may not have cruise control.  After the paperwork was all done, the associate walked me out to the car.  The shiny, fancy, worth-more-than-my-life car.  What, you mean this is what I get to drive for a week??

Come on, you’re kidding me right?  This is when you go, “oops, your car is actually over here,” and direct me to the beater.  Nope, this was mine for the week.  Remote starter, fancy emergency brake button, vehicle/driving warnings and all.  And it’s all shiny and sparkly on the outside and in.

Ooofta.  I may have a hard time going back to my Saturn once its all fixed up and working again….


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