Ooofta!Welcome all!  Thanks for stopping on by.  I’m Katy, the gal to the left working away on the quilt.  I started this little ‘ol blog here during my journey after my divorce.  A journey that has been full of changes, discovering who I really am (and finally allowing others to know her, and be okay with that), and doing things for me.  Here’s a few random things about me:

I am a Midwestern girl, born and raised.  I love the change of seasons and that we see all four.

I love to sew and quilt.  My mom taught me to sew when I was a wee one, then to quilt while in middle school.  I have been hooked ever since!  There isn’t a place in the house that doesn’t have at least one quilt folded up and tucked somewhere.

I love wearing scarves.  As soon as the weather begins to cool, my neck is covered.  I have many scarves, but no girl can ever have too many!

I have a Dr. Pepper problem.  But, hey, it’s delicious, am I right??  I’ve been working to ween from it for years.

And a fabric problem.  So many great fabrics out there!  The patterns, the colors, the textures.  As we quilters say: “The girl with the most fabric when she dies wins!”  I am currently losing to my mom…

My family and friends mean the world to me.  They have been my absolute biggest supporters through all of my life.  I know I can turn to them for advice, as a sounding board, for a shoulder to cry on, or to just let loose and have a little fun.

I have a large family outside of my blood family.  My job is full of brothers & sisters.  We watch each other’s backs, and would lay our life down for each other.

I can’t seem to sew as fast as I fall in love with more fabric.  Once again, back to the ‘having a fabric problem’.

I have an enormous amount of passion that burns in my heart.  For so many things.  It’s immense and burns bright.

I wish for sun in the summer, and snow in the winter.  I love the moment when you look around in the spring and noticed that suddenly, everything has come to life again.  I love the colors and crinkling leaves in the fall.

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