Friday Life Update – Instagram Style!

Saturday and Sunday were busy, busy with the Art Crawl for Lovie and I. The Gear Works and Recut Designs made an epic show, once again! Stay tuned for more additions coming to Etsy stores near you!



We also spent a bit of time at the Farmers Market and got the news that we make too much to live where we’ve dreamt of living.


I received my package of Shakeology for my upcoming fitness challenge my sister-in-law has roped me in for.


I’ve also been working at getting back in the gym (or at least some form of cardio) at least 4 times a week. Even on those days I really don’t want to – but they always end up being the best days.


And today I treated myself to a Caramel Cooler at Caribou today after a week of work and commitment at the gym. I haven’t had one all week!! That’s a record for me, really!


A pretty good week all around I must say.

How was your week?

Fall Art Crawl Weekend

Well, Hello Monday!

Mr. Man and I recently participated in the Fall Art Crawl downtown {so I apologize, this may be a photo heavy post}.  It was a bit slower than we would have liked, as with fall, you never can tell what Mother Nature will bring.  Unfortunately, she brought gloomy gray, cool showers, and chilly weather this time around.  None the less, we engulfed ourselves in the land of artists!

:: Mr. Man’s gorgeous pieces ::
:: My end of the world ::

He sold some amazing pieces, one of which I wouldn’t have minded coming home with me.  See that black and white vase in the first picture in the back row?

Yep, that one!  (sorry for the fuzzy phone photo)

Of course, first to go!

And a covered container with a beautiful cobalt blue interior.

And a tri-footed bowl, beautiful!

He still had some absolutely beautiful pieces left, which are now being added to his Etsy shop, The Gear Works, so be sure to head over and take a peak!  A few of my pieces with the gear, industrial and Steampunk theme have been allowed in as well.  :o)

Such an amazing and talented man I have the privilege of being with!

What did you do this weekend??


The End is near!

The light at the end of the tunnel is coming closer and closer!  6 days left of school-then my licensing test and applying for a “real” job.  I really can’t believe that it is almost here, almost done!  I thought I would never go back to school, but when the lay-off came…back to school I went.  My only stipulation?  As long as it wasn’t more than a couple years or so.  And here we are, two years later, and the end is so near I can taste it!
Over the past year, I’ve also had the joy of watching art being created by Mr. Man!  He’s gotten into ceramics through school for therapy, and so many amazing things have come from it!
Garden Stool
Gear Bowl
Yarn Bowl
It is such amazingly beautiful work!  And I told him that I’m lucky to be dating him so I get to see his work all the time  <–the benefit of dating an artist!  :o)  If you want to see more of what he’s been up to, you can check it out at The Gear Works.  Now the goal is to figure out how he can continue with it over the summer since he won’t be in school.  And with orders coming in, he must get to it!
Until next time!