Photo Day

This post was originally up in July 2012, but is being brought back as we plan for our Vintage themed wedding, and for a little reFresh Friday.  Enjoy!

I’ve looked at fun quilty blogs for years now, and they always have great photos of their quilts.  Mom and I have always wanted to take a day for photos, and today was that day!  We went through our quilt journals, checked which ones we needed photos of, grabbed our props and headed outside!  It was sunny and muggy out, but still made for some great pictures!

All the props out and ready.
Our pile of quilts to photograph.
Modern Antiquity
Modern Antiquity and the antique Dresden Plate quilt.
My picnic quilt made of vintage sheets.
And the super fun vintage sheet I found for the back.
My latest finish: Par for the Course.
Par for the Course – golf fabrics that I had been collecting for a while.
And the blocky back.

Now off to finish more quilts for another photo shoot!

I’d like to introduce Gertrude.

Good morning all and thank you for stopping by!

I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to someone very dear to me.  Some of you may have briefly seen her.  She is often in pictures that you may see in my posts about quilting or current projects I’m working on.

This is Gertrude.  Gertrude and I met when I was a junior in high school.  I was starting to really get into sewing and quilting, so my mom bought her for me.  I was so excited to have my very own sewing machine!  She is a Singer (and she’s pretty darn good at it, good pitch.  No?  Oh, sorry.  Though her humming is like music to my ears!)

photo 1(4)

Gertrude didn’t start out with a name.  In fact, I didn’t name her until one year when I was in college, I believe it was my sophomore or junior year.  I don’t remember what it was that we were making together, but I remember her tension was off, and she hadn’t been cleaned in a while.  This was causing her to not sew very well, and causing me to get a wee bit angry.  It was then that she got her name.  I tried to think of a name I didn’t like, one that I was not very fond of, something fitting for my feelings of her at that time.  Gertrude.  Gertrude it shall be, Gerdy for short.  Since that day, the name has grown on me, and she has been a wonderful machine since! At least as long as I keep her tension correct, and keep her clean of fuzzies and lint!

photo 3

We have had many, many wonderful hours together, and have made quite an array of projects.  We’ve had some great times, and some tough times.  We’ve moved a few times together.  We’ve found thread she gets along so well with, and some that she doesn’t get along very well with.  She’s that trusty machine that will be mine forever.  I don’t even like using any other machine anymore. Gerdy and I will be lifelong buds!



Are you one who also has a name for their sewing machine?  If so, what is it?

Linking up today with Beka at Sunshine to the Square Inch for Week 3: Music of the weekly photo challenge.

Let’s take a minute to talk quilting.

I realized I haven’t updated lately with quilt finishes and projects that I have been working on, so I figured today was as good as any!

My latest finish was a gift for my mentor.  He was retired in our field, and decided to teach those preparing to enter.  He was the first teacher that I met during orientation when I went back to school for my certificate, and he was an integral part in my success.  I later found out, when I started it was also his first sememster at the school, and I was one of his first students that he met that semester as well.  He pushed me when I needed it, and helped me realize what I was capable of.  He was a great mentor, and I will always be thankful to have known him.


Once that quilt was finished, it was on to a Christmas quilt! We’re still talking Christmas, right?? I thought so!

I just finished the machine quilting on this little diddy last night, and will be sewing the binding on once I get home after work. I love this pattern and how easy it went together! I’m thinking it will be added to my list of go-to’s when I need a quick pattern for a gift quilt.


So there you have it, a quick little update of my latest and greatest! Boy, do I wish I had more time to sew and quilt!

Vision board

I am a visual person, so it only makes sense for me to make a vision board for the upcoming year.

I gathered some old magazines that we had sitting around the house, a pair of scissors, a quilt to cuddle under, and began the search for images and words to include.  I cut and ripped, and had too many for this years board, so I have started a little folder with the left-overs for next year.


It didn’t take too long to find enough words/phrases.  I grabbed an extra piece of mat board from framing I’ve done over the past few days, and got to work.  When I look at my finished board, I get excited for what this year will bring!  I am inspired and encouraged by my goals that I have set.


I included items for fitness goals, our wedding and honeymoon this year, goals to become more organized, and plans to share more of God with others.  I look forward to all this year has to offer!


What did you include on your vision board for 2014?

Sleigh Bells Ring

I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit lately looking for a quick little holiday craft that I could do to put up this year.  I enjoy making a little something new each year, and since J and I don’t have a lot of space, I wanted to do something smaller that we could mix in with one of our gallery walls.

I kept seeing the shadow boxes with bells or ornaments inside, and knew that was it!  While at Target today, I saw some jingle bells and decided today was the day.  I grabbed a shadow box, some letter and snowflake stickers from the scrapbook supplies, and went home to make my piece.  I’ve seen many with the phrase “Jingle Bells” or “Jingle all the way”, which is cute, but I’m a bit different.  So “Sleigh Bells Ring” was it!






The shadow box was a quick and easy craft, and it turned out so gosh darn cute! I was going to back it with some holiday scrapbook paper, but decided not to.  I love how the “sleigh bells ring” casts the shadow on the background.  J even likes it!  And for a guy who isn’t nearly into Christmas like me, that’s a huge plus!

What crafts have you been Pinspired to make for the holidays??

Tree Quilt Finishes!

And our tree quilts are done!!
A while back, Katie found a quilt on Pinterest that looked like a tree with initials carved in it.  We decided that would be our next project to all work on.  We girls often like to make a quilt with the same pattern and different fabrics, and see the different variations.
We got enough brown flannel for the front and back of all our quilts (on sale at JoAnn’s, yay!), and went through our flannel left overs for the hearts.  Then we were on our way, layering and quilting to our hearts content!  (No pun intended).  
Goodness gracious, there was a heck of a lot of quilting that went into these babies!  You don’t really think about how long wood-grain takes to quilt until you start. It sure was fun to check-in along the way to see how different everybody’s was turning out. 
It took quite some time, especially with only working on it once a week, but they are done and look awesome!

We had a little photo shoot outside in the garden with them. As one friend said, “they’re out in their natural habitat!”  Haha, I suppose they are!  Katie wasn’t able to make it for the shoot, she was out house-hunting with her hubby (exciting!).
Don’t they look great out there??  I love how they turned out. I’m not so sure I would make another one… Maybe a mini size!

Thoughts a brewin’

So here we sit, each family member on their e-reader or laptop – a true testament to the times!

And all I can think about is crafting and creating!  I have felt this immense push of creativity lately. So many ideas rushing in. I’m in the production phase of all kinds of things. Revamping, repurposing, and rejuvenated.  The Etsy shop will soon be filling with goodies. A bit of freshening up is needed!
Just a few fabrics that have gone through my machine lately…
And a few things for another project…
I’m off to create!
Until next time..