From Pencil to Ink

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love for tattoos. Not just any tattoo, they must have meaning. I love hearing the stories behind each tattoo as I meet people with them. I’ve lately talked to J that I would love to do a little artistic study. I would love to go out, talk to people on the street and chart their stories behind the art they carry with them every day. To break the stereotype of “those with tattoos”. Make a little coffee table book, and just go out and learn.

Each of my tattoos has a story, a very significant meaning to each of them. It took me 8 years to get my first tattoo, and it is still one of my most special yet.  It is one that will be added to as the years go on, unfortunately.  It is a stylized set of angel wings, halo, and stars for my family that have passed away.  I designed it with the intent of adding stars and making a galaxy of my loved ones always watching over me.  The openings in heaven where I can see and visit those I have loved and lost.

After that, I wasn’t sure if or when I would get another.  But as they say about tattoos, once you get one – you can’t just stop there.  The first tattoo was 5 years, and four tattoos ago.  In fact, I just recently added my fourth!  Again, one that I have been wanting and working on for a little while.  One I designed the basic idea of, and a very fitting quote that goes along with it.  My tattoo artist did an amazing job with finalizing the design, and is a true artist.  It is an arrow with beautiful feathers, and a ribbon entwined around the arrow.  This tattoo represents my journey in my career, and as a woman in a male-dominate field, the quote fit perfectly.  The quote added is a favorite from Miss Marilyn Monroe:

I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.

I can tell you this is not my last tattoo.  I already have another designed, it is just a matter of the right time for it.

And now I want to hear the story of your tattoos!  Ready….go!


Artist Guild Link-up: Paint a Canvas

Today, I am linking-up Samantha at Elah Tree as part of The Artist Guild.  She has put together creative prompts for others to join in, create together, and become and artist community.  There is everything on the list from writing a poem to painting a canvas, doing a photo shoot to recording a vlog.  The link-up is every second Thursday through September.

 photo Button.png

I was so very, very excited for the Artist Guild Link-up this month!  If you’ve been around a while, you know my first round of college was for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  During this time, I also did a study abroad program over the summer of 2006 in London and Scotland for none other than a painting program.  It was incredible!  To explore the cities across the pond and paint while receiving credit – I’ll take it!  So as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to join this group when I saw that painting was a part of it.

For this painting, I didn’t have a design in mind, I wasn’t even sure what colors I would include.  I got the canvas, brushes, and paints out, and just started mixing.  I found some acrylic paints that had been stored in my art supplies bin for years (oofta, almost 10 years or so), and to my surprise, they weren’t all dried up.  I cracked those bottles open, and it was like I had just bought them yesterday.  I wasn’t sure where my paint tray was – probably buried in another box – so I grabbed a lid to a plastic bin.


I then started mixing the paints until I got a couple of colors I likes, and off I went.  I knew I wanted to start with a green wash, then just winged-it from there.


I added layer upon layer, color upon color, and ended in an overall wash of a deep purple.



Here is the finished piece!  I must say, I’m rather please with how it turned out!  It reminds me a bit of a Scottish tartan pattern.  J said it reminds him of his military days when he would be prone in a field training, down in the grass with flowers and weeds popping up around him.  Whatever it resembles, I must say, I like it!


Be sure to stop on over and check out the other paintings done!

Artist Guild Link-up: A Poem

Today, I am linking-up Samantha at Elah Tree as part of The Artist Guild.  She has put together creative prompts for others to join in and create together.  There is everything on the list from writing a poem to painting a canvas, doing a photo shoot to recording a vlog.  The link-up is every second Thursday through September.

I jumped on this, because I have creativity in me that doesn’t always have a chance to get out with my current job.  And with having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the creativity must have a chance to excape!  Now, I haven’t written a poem in a while, so bear with me.  This is one that I recently wrote, and I think it came together nicely.

…We are of a different breed.

We run in as everyone else runs out.
We see more in our career than most see in a lifetime.
We put on 20 or more pounds every day at work.
…We are of a different breed.

We joke about things that make others cringe.
We try to keep traditions alive.
We train to fight, and fight to train.
…We are of a different breed.

We miss some of the most important events.
We often don’t get off work on time.
We work day and night, 24/7/365.
…We are of a different breed.

We are called names, but help when you call.
We don’t get snowdays from work.
We work outside in the blazing heat.
…We are of a different breed.

We cry real tears when a brother or sister leaves.
We walk the beat in Heaven when no longer on this Earth.
We lay our life down for our friends.
…We are of a different breed.

We have brothers and sister around the world.
We bleed not red, but blue.
We do our best to keep the wolves away.
…We are of a different breed.

Be sure to check out the other poems submitted today.  And heck, take a moment to submit your own as wel!


A look inside my sketch book.

20140207-131358.jpg  20140207-131421.jpg

20140207-131430.jpg  20140207-131442.jpg

20140207-131451.jpg  20140207-131459.jpg

20140207-131510.jpg  20140207-131517.jpg

What is going on in your sketchbook?