Currently :: June Edition


Okay, so apparently I missed a couple of months along the way.  Oh well, on with June.  Which can only mean one thing…half-way through and another edition of “Currently”.

Reading :: “Entangled Minds”.  Sometimes I am kind of a science nerd, and the whole Quantum theories/metaphysics is crazy interesting.

Eating :: fruit.  Any kind really.  Lots of berries, watermelon, peaches.

Watching :: So You Think You Can Dance.  Dancing is in the blood.

Missing :: J, if that’s possible.  Now that school is out he’s on the night shift schedule and I’m working the day shift until the wrist is healed.  Two ships passing in the wind.

Looking forward to :: Our Hawaii honeymoon.  I had another dream about it last night….can we just leave yet?!?

Wishing :: for an absolutely beautiful day on our wedding day.

Drinking :: Water.  Lots and lots of water.

Feeling :: A little behind in life as I watch many friends announcing pregnancies, births of babies, or milestones in the lives of their little ones.

Loving :: going on walks with J.  We’ve been walking around local lakes lately.  There is just something serene about being around water.

Beginning :: the 21 Day Fix with J.  We’re ready to look fab for our big day!

Listening to :: Big band music.  Wedding prep!

What have you been up to lately?

Final decisions

Well, a {hopefully} final solution has been determined in the ongoing wrist saga.  I had my follow-up appointment with my hand surgeon yesterday to see how the cortisone shot worked.  As you may have read in the Wishing section of this post, it didn’t work so well.  There was extreme dizziness to the point that I passed out a couple of times, and there was horrendous pain to the point that I was ready to chop the hand off and go bionic.  Then I could at least make the noise every time I walked in the room, am I right?

Anywho, I digress.

So the determination, none other than a little bit towards the side of bionic.  It turns out that while there is a partial tear of my TFCC ligament in my wrist, the main culprit of the chronic pain is…..wait for it….my longer than normal Ulna bone.  This has apparently been putting extra pressure on the cartilage and tendons/ligaments and causing the pain, numbness and irritation in the whole hand/wrist/forearm area.  Solution?  Surgery – to shorten the ulna bone.  Yes, the Ulna shortening procedure.  Oh my, that just sounds not very fun.  But hey, if it will alleviate the pain so I can actually function again.  No date set for the surgery just yet, waiting on worker’s comp to approve.  I’m hoping it will be soon though so we can get this show on the road.


In other news, the honeymoon destination has also been decided!  J and I will be heading off the Hawaii!  We are so jazzed for it!  He’s so excited to show me around a couple of the islands (he was base on Oahu for a few years when he was in the military).  We also have a few friends there that we are hoping to be able to visit, along with a new baby that is set to be born in about a month!  We had looked at Jamaica, but it was a wee bit expensive, plus we both need to get new passports and decided to use that money elsewhere at the moment.  I can’t wait for my sun, sand and beach!  Boy what I wouldn’t give for that right about now.  Especially with waking up to a balmy 10 degree spring morning, oofta!


Any big decisions made over in your neck of the woods lately?

Currently :: March Edition

Today is the first day of Spring (and the birds must know, because they are singing away out there)!  Which can only mean one thing…more than half-way through March and another edition of “Currently”.


Reading :: I am still working on “The Five Love Languages.”  J and I have taken the quiz on the website to see what our love languages are while I am still trying to finish the book.

Eating :: pears.  Goodness gracious, I love me some fresh pears.  They are delicious!

Watching :: There have been a lot of History Channel documentaries lately.

Missing :: Dad, he hasn’t been able to be home for 6 weeks so far.  The weather and issues at work have been a bear.  Maybe next weekend?

Looking forward to :: Marrying my bestest friend!  5 months and 3 days left and I can finally call him my husband!


Wishing :: my wrist would just be pain-free.  A cortisone shot was done the first week of March, and oh my-was that horrible.  To top it off, the pain and swelling didn’t go away.

Drinking :: Caffiene, lots of it.  I’ve been drinking too much of it lately.  Time to reduce.


Feeling :: The need to sew.  I haven’t done any sewing in almost 2 months, oofta!

Loving :: that my kitty senses when momma isn’t feeling well and stays near.  And the fact that he has been sleeping with us on the bed again lately.  I’m weird, I know.


Beginning :: my 40 days with Jesus devotional journal from the Naptime Diaries Shop.  I know most people did them for lent, I just lag behind a bit at times.


Listening to :: Celtic music.  A bit of a residual of St. Patty’s Day.

What have you been up to lately?

A day in the life

Oh, my days off – how I love them! A chance to sleep in, lounge a bit, spend time with loved ones, and rejuvenate. Today was just that, and a splendid one! If you’ve been following me on Instagram today, you have been seeing the pictures flow in. Get ready for a photo-filled post!

9:30 am – reading some of the Sunday paper


10:30 am – putting the Keurig to use.


11:30 am – helping a little lady learn to use a sippy cup.


12:30 pm – cleaning through a few years of digital photos.


1:30pm – playing with a kitty cat.


2:30 pm – baby cuddles are the best cuddles.


3:30 pm -good naps give you sleepy hair.


4:30 pm – doing a bit of blog work.


5:30 pm – nap time for auntie while niecey plays.


6:30 pm –  reading about the love languages.


7:30 pm – of course, you must creep at least once a day.


8:30 pm – icing the hand, hoping it would help.  Negative, batman.


9:30 pm – a quick evening snack of Girl Scout cookies.


10:30 pm – spent some time staring at my ring and dreaming of being his Mrs.


11:30 pm – after a wonderful day, it is time to dream and dance with the sugar plum fairies.


Sweet dreams world!

Currently :: February Edition

Now that we are almost halfway through February, you know what that means, time for my “Currently” post.

Reading :: I just started “The Five Love Languages.”  I have been looking forward to reading this one for a while.  I also joined Good Reads with a goal to read at least 12 books this year!


Eating :: As bad as it is, I’ve been on a Skittles kick lately.  Any flavor.  Taste the Rainbow!

Watching :: Hulu, catching up on shows I haven’t watched all of the episodes of just yet.  On the list is New Girl, The Neighbors, Mindy, and Vampire Diaries.

Missing :: my buddy, Ashlee.  She’s all the way down south working.  I’m ready for a run with her.


Looking forward to :: Finally getting an MRI done this afternoon to figure out what exactly is going on with my wrist.  I’m ready to be pain-free again.


Wishing :: That my debt-free date was quite a bit closer!  I’m working at it, but feel like I’m walking through molasses right now.

Drinking :: Water, working to increase the water intake and decrease the pop and coffee intake.


Feeling :: Cold! Bring on summer! Or at least spring…please? Pretty please with a cherry on top??


Loving :: watchin my niece experience the world, everything is new to her and I love watching her take it all in.  9-months old has been such a fun age to watch!

Beginning :: to learn more about the journey of growing my blog.

Listening to :: Whatever has been on the radio lately.  I haven’t been stuck on any songs/artists at the moment.

What have you been up to lately?

Currently :: January Edition

Now that we are almost halfway through January (really??  Where did the days go??), I figured why not to a “Currently” post.

Reading ::  my first book of 2014.  “Conversations with God”, a study series that J and I are doing together.


Eating ::  Lots of apples, I’ve been on a bit of an apple kick lately.  And of course popcorn!  And I’m really working on healthier/less processed foods in general.

Watching ::  Burn Notice.  I watched this show when it first started, but missed the last couple seasons.  J and I have recently started watching it on Netflix from Season 1.

Missing ::  my aunt, who I probably won’t see until summer (she won’t travel north when the white stuff is on the ground), and my brother, sister-in-law, and niece.  After having so much time with them over the holidays, I feel like I’m going through withdrawl.


Looking forward to ::  The obvious answer here – our wedding in August!!  I cannot wait to be able to call J my husband! I’m also looking forward to warmer weather and the summer.

Wishing ::  for a place of our own.  We are so incredibly thankful for my parents allowing us to stay with them as long as we need, but we are ready to have our own space again.

Drinking ::  a whole lot of tea!  It seems I go through tea like crazy when it’s cold outside.


Feeling ::  pretty darn content in life (minus the whole “wishing” thing).  I have a great job, wonderful family, awesome fiance, and things are moving!

Loving ::  our heated mattress pad and flannel sheets.  It is so nice getting into a warm bed at night in the winter!!

Beginning ::  my journey of becomming a runner.  I used to loathe the idea of having to run, but I am surprisingly starting to love it!


Listening to ::  Enya has been kicking it on my Pandora a bunch lately.  Relaxing and inspirational.