Less than one month!

That’s right ladies and gents. One month from yesterday will be the day J and I have been waiting and planning for. I will get my hair done all perty, we’ll get dressed up, we’ll celebrate with family and friends, we’ll say ‘I do’, kiss, and party!

There are still a few things left on the list to get done, projects to finish, but the majority – the big things – are all planned and decided on. The emails of the day’s schedule have been sent out.

All in all, we just can’t wait for the big day!


A letter to the man I will soon call Husband


Dear J,

In three short months, I get to call you “husband”, mine forever.  I love dreaming of the future, of holding hands, and of being that old couple on the park bench that everyone looks at and instantly smiles while going, “Awww.”  I love the plan that I’ll live to be 100, and you’ll be 112 sitting next to me.  I love the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.  I love that you treat me as an equal, and that you will be my Battle Buddy for life!

I look forward to so mayn wonderful years and adventures together.  I cannot wait to stand with you in the garden, and plegde my forever love to you as our closest family and friends are our witness.  I can’t wait to say “I do”, kiss, and party the night away, celebrating us!

You are my favorite.  You always have been and always will be.

I love you to the moon and back!

Your girl,

First project crossed off!

The first project from the wedding ‘Must Make’ list is complete! The monogram wreath that will be hanging at the front door has been checked off.

I was in an immense need to craft since the injury of my wrist last month.  After sewing every other day or so had gone down to nothing, the need was kicking.  Plus, it just so happened J had to go to JoAnn’s to pick up some paints for his sculpture project.   While there, I bee-lined for the paper mâché letters. A big F?  Yes please!  Then it was off to find the twine and ribbon. I knew I had plenty of felt at home for the felt flowers. Plus, I had J there as a captive audience to get his input. He has been such a great help with giving his input on things for the wedding, he’s awesome!

I was so jazzed to get started as soon as we got home! Everything came out of the bags. We decided on our color of ribbon and felt. Then I got to work.  I also had a little helper who was ready to get the twine.



I didn’t have the project all mapped out. I just knew kind of what I wanted it to look like, so off I went. Plus, I’m a wing-it gal, so there you have it. I wrapped, and glued, and wrapped some more. Then I cut felt, swirled flowers and glued a bit more. I added the ribbon, then three pearls to finish it off.




And viola! It turned out even better than I thought!


Now to figure out the next thing to cross off!

Wedding Wednesday: On Friday

Since J and I are having a relatively small wedding and aren’t getting too caught up in the details, we haven’t been stressing too much about our upcoming day.  Match that with the fact that we have just under 6 months, that’s plenty of time to get things going.  I’ve written a little bit about our plans and such so far, so head on over here if you want to catch up on those posts!

This past weekend, we took some time and crossed a few more things off the list!  I can honestly say, until these were crossed off….I was getting just a slight, tad bit of anxiety.


J did his search online for a kilt made of his family tartan.  Yes, ladies and gents, he will be wearing a kilt!  Awesome!  He was worried at the begining that I wouldn’t ‘let’ him.  Honest, it doesn’t matter to me.  I say if he wants to, more power to him!  Go for it!  And how awesome that he was able to find the tartan worn by his family clan.  Nice!  The kilt has been ordered – check!

The next thing <almost> all checked off were invitations.  We narrowed down the design and wording (we are doing two different invites – one for the private ceremony, and one for the open house afterwards).  We are just waiting to finalize the time with our officiant before putting the order in.  They’re so dang cute!  We were going to just purchase a design download and print them ourselves, but we decided to cut the stress out.  So we budgeted to order them completely done.  Less stress?  Yes please!  I designed, printed and assembled all invitations and programs for my first wedding – I don’t want that stress again.  I’m too much of a perfectionist.  Anywho, the invitations are an adorable chalkboard design over at Elli.  I can’t wait to get them and hold them, ha!

And last, but not least, the third item was checked off last night!  Since the open house will be mid-afternoon, and we aren’t doing a full-on reception, we had to decide what to do for drinks.  J and I have always wanted to brew beer and wine, so we figured – why not??  A piece that will be special just to our day!  So off we went to a local brewery to start our wine.  We’ll be heading back in six-weeks to bottle it, them let it sit until our big day.  Then back again in July or so to start the beer process.  And the coolest part??  We even get to make our own labels!  Awesome-sauce!


Now to heal this wrist up so I can get going on a few of my projects from my list!

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Love Always Nancy J

‘Must Make’ List :: Wedding

We have been ticking along on the list of things to do for the wedding.  We are 7 months away, and well…haven’t crossed too many things off just yet.

I have, however, put together my list of things that I am going to make for the wedding.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a crafty gal.  And what better way to personalize and save on a wedding than to make things yourself, am I right??

And of course, where else would I find many of these ideas other than my wedding board on Pinterest!

As of now, the list includes:

  • Banner for the fireplace.  “Happily Ever After”.  Made from vintage sheets.
  • Monogram burlap flag to post in the garden.
  • Sign with our Instagram hashtag.  (joining the hashtag club!). – complete!
  • Pallet sign for the front yard.
  • Monogram wrapped wreath for the front door.   – complete!
  • Pictures in old windows from Grandma.
  • Burlap and lace on vases.  Flowers will be from the Farmers Market.
  • Whatever the backdrop will be for the river rock bed that we will get married on in the garden.
  • Chalkboard paint a couple trays for signs.
  • Wood sign for tree in backyard.  “Mutual Awesomeness — Forever”
  • Sign for Ring Security (not Ring Bearer) to carry.  – complete!
  • Bouquets!  Just about have all of the brooches collected.

Oh, how I can’t wait for the day to be here already!  I can’t wait to marry that man! :o)


Dress Shopping

With our wedding less than 9 months away, I figured I better start looking for a dress!  My maid of honor and I are going shopping together over winter break, so I have a few weeks to really narrow down what I am looking for and where all to go.

I know that I do not want white, and I do not want your typical wedding dress style.  I don’t need something super formal, nothing princess-y, no long full skirts, and preferably not strapless.  I don’t want to be doing the eternal “pull up the dress shimmy” all day.

I’m thinking straps or capped sleeve, knee length, a darker color (charcoal, navy, graphite), some lace overlay possibly, vintage inspired.  Nothing too blingy, nothing too flashy.

Here are a few that I found when surfing the web over at Nordstrom’s.  Aren’t they adorable!!  I absolutely love the first two!



We shall see what the final dress looks like!

How we’re saving on our wedding.

745e8-img_2098With all of the wedding talk and planning lately, I decided I would write up a little post of how Lovie and I are saving money on our wedding.  Like I’ve mentioned before, this is a second marriage for both of us, so we didn’t feel the need to go all out, big and spendy.  We don’t feel the need to spend the amount for a house down payment on one day.  We have decided to have a small, intimate wedding with an open house afterwards to celebrate.  Now let’s take a look on a few ways we’re saving money:

  1. Backyard garden wedding.  The wedding will be in our garden, with flowers blooming and luscious greens.  With having it at our house, we don’t have to fight for a specific date or pay outrageous amounts of green for a summer/weekend wedding.
  2. Small wedding and open house.  It will be a small wedding of family and our closest friends, and an open house rather than a big reception afterwards.
  3. Friends as vendors.  Our officiant, photographer, and the one who will make our cake are all dear friends of ours.
  4. No tuxes or big floofy wedding dress.  Lovie will be in a kilt of his family tartan, and I will be in a beautiful tea-length dress, and not white (I never looked good in white anyways).
  5. Flowers from the Farmer’s Market.  Since the garden will be a beautiful backdrop, we didn’t feel the need to have a ton of floral arrangements.  Plus, the wedding will be in August on a Saturday, perfect timing to stop at the Farmer’s Market that morning for the few flowers we may need.  My and my MOH’s bouguets will be made from vintage brooches and greens from the garden.
  6. Decorations from around the house and thrifting.  We have a love for antiques and vintage, and have quite a few items already.  And what better place to find vintage than thrift stores and garage sales?
  7. Add in a few DIY projects.  We’re a crafty bunch, so why buy when we can DIY?
  8. No favors to give away.  Most of that stuff ends up in the garbage anyway.
  9. Combining details. Our engagement pictures were taken the same day as our family pictures (it all happened to fall that way, yay!), our Save-the-Dates are a part of our Christmas cards, no RSVP cards since it is just an open house.
  10. Using decorations from other weddings/parties.  We have white string lights left from my brother’s wedding that we saved, tulle from other parties, tea lights that we’ve had stashed.  We’re all about re-using, expecially if there is still a lot of use to get out of the item.