Photo Day

This post was originally up in July 2012, but is being brought back as we plan for our Vintage themed wedding, and for a little reFresh Friday.  Enjoy!

I’ve looked at fun quilty blogs for years now, and they always have great photos of their quilts.  Mom and I have always wanted to take a day for photos, and today was that day!  We went through our quilt journals, checked which ones we needed photos of, grabbed our props and headed outside!  It was sunny and muggy out, but still made for some great pictures!

All the props out and ready.
Our pile of quilts to photograph.
Modern Antiquity
Modern Antiquity and the antique Dresden Plate quilt.
My picnic quilt made of vintage sheets.
And the super fun vintage sheet I found for the back.
My latest finish: Par for the Course.
Par for the Course – golf fabrics that I had been collecting for a while.
And the blocky back.

Now off to finish more quilts for another photo shoot!

Let’s take a minute to talk quilting.

I realized I haven’t updated lately with quilt finishes and projects that I have been working on, so I figured today was as good as any!

My latest finish was a gift for my mentor.  He was retired in our field, and decided to teach those preparing to enter.  He was the first teacher that I met during orientation when I went back to school for my certificate, and he was an integral part in my success.  I later found out, when I started it was also his first sememster at the school, and I was one of his first students that he met that semester as well.  He pushed me when I needed it, and helped me realize what I was capable of.  He was a great mentor, and I will always be thankful to have known him.


Once that quilt was finished, it was on to a Christmas quilt! We’re still talking Christmas, right?? I thought so!

I just finished the machine quilting on this little diddy last night, and will be sewing the binding on once I get home after work. I love this pattern and how easy it went together! I’m thinking it will be added to my list of go-to’s when I need a quick pattern for a gift quilt.


So there you have it, a quick little update of my latest and greatest! Boy, do I wish I had more time to sew and quilt!

Wedding Dreams Start.

dream clouds

I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic.  J had woken me while I was in the middle of a dream, a wedding dream….and they start!

We are currently just over 7 months to our big day.  We aren’t doing the big, grand, huge wedding deal, so we haven’t had to do too much planning just yet.  But this morning, I felt like I was way behind the curve!

You see, in my dream, it was our wedding day, and it wasn’t quite going as planned.  It all went like this…

*dream clouds rustle in*

The family, J and I were putting the finishing touches on the venue (which happened to be a church, not our back yard like we’re planning) when people started showing up.  And not just those for the private ceremony, both people attending the reception afterwards as well-an hour early.  Someone asked me about the music that would be playing for the ceremony.  “I guess I don’t really know what we’re doing for music, I hadn’t planned that.”  Okay, no music, nice.  Shrug shoulders. Dad asks me if I wanted him to walk me down the aisle, just up the stairs, or what I was thinking.  Umm….up the stairs I guess?  Really?  I hadn’t decided this either?  Okay…  And here I am, walking around barefoot already in my dress I’m planning to get married in.

Then Mom looked at her watch, 30 minutes to showtime, time to go downstairs and get ready!  The girls head downstairs, the guys go to their room on the main level to get ready.  As I head down the stairs, there is a huge line for the ladies room.  I have to excuse my way through the line to get back where the dressing area was while saying hi to many of our guests.  Once I’m in front of my mirror, I realize I didn’t finalize on how to wear my hair.  I grab a handful of bobby pins and start pinning my hair up.  None of the bobby pins stay in.  Oh heck, I’ll grab a pony holder and throw it up.  All of a sudden, I hear a piano playing upstairs.  Awesome, we have music!

My girls and I look at each other and get ready to head upstairs for the big entrance.  Mom and Dad head up, then my girls, then me.  My parents take their seats, my girls walk to the front, then I follow.  Once I get up there, I realize J isn’t there.  The minister leans over to tell me that J is still getting ready.  As he says this, I see J and one of his guys run through the hallway behind the seats of our guests, and back again after 30 seconds.  I look down and realize I’m wearing the wrong dress.  What!  How am I not in the right dress??  I was just wearing it before we went downstairs.  I watch one of J’s guys walk swiftly through the hallway again.  Ah, screw it, J isn’t ready yet, I’m changing dresses!

And poof, I’m back in bed with J telling me it was time to get up!


Before I am even completely coherent, I start rambling off a list of things that we have to get done for the wedding.  J looks at me and says, “Shug, we have 7 months, I think we have some time to get everything taken care of.”

And all I could think of was that I wasn’t wearing the right dress…the one thing that I have ready and checked off the list for our big day!

Tree Quilt Finishes!

And our tree quilts are done!!
A while back, Katie found a quilt on Pinterest that looked like a tree with initials carved in it.  We decided that would be our next project to all work on.  We girls often like to make a quilt with the same pattern and different fabrics, and see the different variations.
We got enough brown flannel for the front and back of all our quilts (on sale at JoAnn’s, yay!), and went through our flannel left overs for the hearts.  Then we were on our way, layering and quilting to our hearts content!  (No pun intended).  
Goodness gracious, there was a heck of a lot of quilting that went into these babies!  You don’t really think about how long wood-grain takes to quilt until you start. It sure was fun to check-in along the way to see how different everybody’s was turning out. 
It took quite some time, especially with only working on it once a week, but they are done and look awesome!

We had a little photo shoot outside in the garden with them. As one friend said, “they’re out in their natural habitat!”  Haha, I suppose they are!  Katie wasn’t able to make it for the shoot, she was out house-hunting with her hubby (exciting!).
Don’t they look great out there??  I love how they turned out. I’m not so sure I would make another one… Maybe a mini size!

Thoughts a brewin’

So here we sit, each family member on their e-reader or laptop – a true testament to the times!

And all I can think about is crafting and creating!  I have felt this immense push of creativity lately. So many ideas rushing in. I’m in the production phase of all kinds of things. Revamping, repurposing, and rejuvenated.  The Etsy shop will soon be filling with goodies. A bit of freshening up is needed!
Just a few fabrics that have gone through my machine lately…
And a few things for another project…
I’m off to create!
Until next time..

How I love thee!

Sewing that is!

And I have been going and going at it.  Since I’ve been back, I’ve finished a quilt top of vintage fabrics {must finish for my Etsy store}, almost finished a table quilt of Easter fabric, and started my Black & White quilt.

All of that amidst starting my new job {which I am loving, by the way!}.

Mr. Man also joined me tonight and worked on his kilt.
Until next time…

Tumbling along

The first week of training is done. Five left to go.

It’s pretty beautiful out here in Montana, especially waking up to a view of the mountains each day!

I’ve been doing a bit of my hand sewing in my downtime and I’m loving how “Tumbling Gnomes” is coming along!

One of these days I’m going to go on a little quilt excursion! Any blog land friends have suggestions of quilt shops near Helena?

Until next time..