One step forward…two steps back.

Oh man, what a weekend.  All was well until Saturday morning when my wrist was a little itchy.  I removed my splint and sleeve underneath to reveal a little redness on my wrist and part of my knuckles.  Okay, a little reaction to the compression sleeve I wore when sleeping that I got from my physical therapist.  I called the on-call doc to check in.  Benadryl and stop in to get it checked out, make sure there wasn’t an infection at the incision.  Got it checked, no infection, check.  Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream.  It’s a go.

Until it started to get worse.  It began traveling along my scar and entire wrist.  Went in Sunday to get it check, now blisters have started to pop up.  Along with joint pain and pain along the scar.  Okay, now lets switch to Claritin and keep up with the cream.  Oh, and wrap in an ace bandage, no more sleeve and splint.

And then came Monday, full redness and blisters, itching and pain.  And off I was to see my doctor to have it looked at.  Oh, and it traveled a bit more, past the point of where the splint was, and around all knuckles and my thumb.  And the swelling, ooofta.  I look like the Hulk.  But instead of green and beefy, I look red and sausagey.  It’s an angry arm.  No infection, continue with Claritin, and was prescribed some high power cream.

As of this morning, I think it has finally stopped moving, now to just get it to heal up.  It’s not as red, but the pain – whoa.  And still a bit sausagey.

Now the mission is to find out what is in that compression sleeve, and what exactly it is that I will never be putting in contact with my skin again.

At least I have gotten the all clear to be brace/cast/splint free!

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Well, it appears Winter has decided to make a re-appearance.  I woke up to a balmy 29° with a slight wind.  The high today is projected to be about 39º.  I really thought we were over that, but it is only April.  Heck, I remember having snow in May in past years.

Enough about the weather, onto the Weekend Recap!

→  Had my bi-weekly massage.  Before you get all mushy, the massages I get are deep tissue – like, really deep tissue.  Put some elbow in it, Sally!

→  I attended a virtual baby shower for my dear friend who is just weeks away from her due date and living in Hawaii.  It was wonderful to get to celebrate with her and I can’t wait to meet her little lady!

→  J and I had an art supply date followed by a gelato date yesterday.  If there’s one place we love going, it’s a dream and inspiration filled art store.

→  I found some great greeting cards that will soon be designed and available in my little Etsy shop (one is already in there with more to be added)!

→  I completed Niecey’s birthday gifts for her 1st birthday!  The little lady turns one tomorrow (yep, Tax Day baby!), and we are celebrating this coming weekend.  I absolute love the gifts we have for her, I can’t wait to give them to her!

→  My taxes have been completed and went in the mail today.

Overall, I would say it was a successful weekend!  It was relaxing, I got to spend time with family, and I got to create a bit.

What did you do this weekend?

2013 Recap

Another year has come and gone, and boy was it a full one!

I have always been one to keep a journal, and I love looking back at them to see what I was going through at certain times, happy times – tough times – sad times – joyful times. I am one who keeps mementos to remember events, funny quotes, or goals obtained. Whether it was scrapbooks, my box of ticket stubs, a photo journal, or my and J’s memory jars (thank you Pinterest!).  After all, isn’t that one reason that many of us blog?

So without further ado, let’s look back to what all 2013 has brought us:

  • A new job for me One that has brought me joy, a great work family, more training, and the opportunity for special duty teams.
  • J had his work shown in a few different galleries – this man has more talent than he will ever know.
  • Our niece was born – Miss Annabelle joined the family in April, and is the first little one on my side of the family. It has been an absolute joy to watch her grow and experience the world.
  • I said “See you later” to my Skills partner as she left for a job out-of-state – we knew she would go, but still tough.  We went through so much together, both good times and bad.  Love ya, Dionne!
  • J is back in school – He is on a path that will take him to places we never dreamed of!  He is an artist, and this has finally helped him realize the talent he has.
  • My dear little ‘ol car was finally replaced – after many years (and much frustration) my little car was donated and my parents passed their [new to me] SUV on to me.  Thank you!!
  • We got engaged!! – no explanation needed here :o)
  • I said “See you later” to my mentor as he moved to another state – He helped to transform me from artsy Interior Designer to Law Enforcement Officer.  He pushed me further than I thought possible, and helped me to see what I was really capable of!
  • Christmas was spend home with my family! – by a Christmas miracle, I was off for Christmas, and got to spend it with my family (and with my little niece for her very first Christmas!).

It was a splendid year, and I can’t wait to see what all 2014 is going to bring.  It will be the best year yet, I can feel it!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2013, and wish you all happiness and health in 2014!


Joining a little ‘ol link-up too!

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13 Questions I’m asking myself before the end of 2013 {link-up}

As I was perusing my blog list of my frequent reads, I landed over at Miss Amanda’s blog.  She has a little link-up going, and naturally I had to join!  I have a thing for link-ups.  This link-up is a little recap and 13 questions to ask ourselves as we end the year 2013.

The Lady Okie Blog

1. What am I most proud of this year? I have two things that I am most proud of this year: a) sticking with my job search, and finding a job that fits me like a glove!  You really can be happy at a job and work with great people who treat you like family!  And b )making a plan and sticking to it to pay off all of my debt and become debt-free by December 2014.

2. How can I become a better ________? I know I am not a spouse just yet, but I am going to say spouse/wife.  I love J dearly, and want nothing more than to do my best to give him the best life and home full of happiness, love and laughter.  We often check in with each other to see how the relationship is going, and what we can do to make it even better.  I love that I am with someone who wants to make this work and last just as much as I do!


3. Where do I need to allow myself grace?  In knowing that developing patience takes time.  I never was the most patient person in the world; growing up, my parents always said my slogan should be “God grant me patience, and I want it now.”  I have to give myself credit with how well I have done with some of the changes and troubles that have come, and know that it will be okay.


4. Am I passionate about my career? I can honestly say yes!  At the beginning of the year…it would have been an “I want to be, but I am not.”  It is amazing the difference the right job and the right place can make on your outlook.

5. What did my finances look like? Oh, my finances were rough.  But they are definitely on the road up-hill.  After the realization that J and I could not afford to purchase a house this year and move out of my parents, that was a hard hit.  I finally buckled down, looked deep at my finances, and made a plan to get back to the black.  It is a struggle at times, but what will come from it will bring a sweet celebration!

6. How did I spend my free time? Lots of sewing and quilting, some painting, lots of time with my family and my lovie little niece.  I also spend a bit of time surfing around the blog world, and building relationships within the blogging community.


7. What projects have I completed? Oh goodness, well I have completed quite a few quilting and sewing projects (Hanukkah and Christmas gifts, a quilt for my mentor before he moved away), J and I finally got our gallery wall up in our bedroom, and I have checked a few things off of my 30 Before Thirty list.


8. In what ways can I restructure my time? You see, I’m a list girl.  I have lists of goals, things to make, projects to finish, etc. etc. etc.  One goal of mine for 2014 is to combine all of my “to do” lists into one main list – I even have a notebook set aside for it – and start checking things off.  Something else to add?  To the main list it goes.  I also plan to sit at the computer and mind waste less, you know – with Candy Crush, Facebook, Pinterest, watching TV, you get the gist.

9. When have I felt the most alive? While exploring something new, whether it is a new place, new activity, new food, or something new to J that I am sharing in the experience with him.  We always love going on adventures together, and I feel inspired and encouraged as we explore and strengthen our relationship together.


10. How can I improve my relationships? Rather than just thinking and wondering how a friend is doing, make a phone call or send a message.  Also, work on bettering communication with those whom I live.  With the schedule and time of day that I work, there are times that I may go a few days without seeing or talking to those in my own house.  With that, communication suffers, misunderstandings happen, and it can be rough.

11. What lessons have I learned in 2013? Patience is something that we must always have.  You can never get away from budgeting.  When you want something bad enough, you will find a way, even when it seems utterly impossible.  And last, but most importantly – faith is key; in yourself, in others, and in God.


12. What old habits would I like to release? As much as I hope this will release (though I really don’t think it totally will), procrastination.  Things always get done, but I stress myself out and wait until last-minute too many times.  Also, self-doubt and looking too far into the future.  I would like to live and focus more on the here and now.

13. What new habits would I like to cultivate? a) Scheduling weekly dates with J.  It is unfortunately too common right now for us to tell each other that we need more time together.  We have a date night at least once every other week right now, but I hope to change that to once a week in 2014.  b) a steady workout routine without making excuses.  A few good habits were made during my 30-day fitness challenges, time to continue with them!

What do you have to say about 2013?  Answer these 13 questions, then head on over to Amanda’s blog and link-up!

2 years already??

What a journey it has been – today marks the 2nd Blogiversary of this little blog of mine!  I can’t believe that it has already been 2 years.  It all started as I was ready to get rid of the old, and bring in the new.  A new blog, the real me.  I began loving myself, the journey of finding myself, and who I was becoming (or rather, finally allowing myself to be who I was really meant to be).  I wasn’t sure where this little ‘ol blog would go, I’m still not sure I know where.  But I am enjoying the ride!

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see what all has happened since day one, shall we?

You can check out my first post here.

I revealed a bit about how I came up with the name for this here lovely blog here.

I received my first cast ever here.

I reminisced about our little grey fluff ball here.

Some big news here!

And here!

Progress on one of my favorite quilts I’ve made here.

Stepping out of debt here.

And getting ready for the holiday season here.

Photo-fabThank you to all who have visited, commented, and shared! You inspire me and keep me at it day after day!

Here’s to many more blogiversaries!

November in Review

Holy hannah, it is December 1st.  I can’t believe 2013 is almost over.

Yep, this post should have been done and up yesterday to round up the end of November, but this is how I roll apparently.  So off to check in on how I did on November’s goals:

November goals
– Cut food spending by 75%. – Cut by 68%.  May not be 75%, but a pretty dang good amount!
– Save at least $250 to our Wedding Fund – Done!
– Put all extra income to credit card debt. – That I have done, and I’ve paid off $2,200 total this month!
– List at least 5 items each week to my Etsy shop – And done!  I’ve been taking photos and adding items like crazy!
– Cross at least one thing off of my 30 Before Thirty list – And also done!  One thing crossed off in November!

While I may not have been right on the spot for each of the goals, I think November went pretty good for working my way to getting to the finish line of being Debt-free!

Now for some goals for December:

December goals
– Save at least $750 to my Emergency Fund.
– Get my debt payment amount to 40% paid off (at 26% as of Dec. 1).
– List at least 5 items each week to my Etsy shop.
– Cross at least three things off of my 30 Before Thirty list.

We’ll check in at the end of December, and get some really good goals set forth for the new year!

2013 already?!?

Man, I remember when we all were worried about Y2K, and all that crazy shennanigans!

But here we are – 2012 is on it’s way out, and we welcome in 2013!

Looking back, 2012 was a year of many ups and many downs, and definitely a memorable one at that!  Just a little recap:

  • I finished school, passed the big test, and sent out what seems like a million job apps.
  • Mr. Man and I ran the Warrior Dash!  Battle Buddies 4 Life!
  • Mr. Man made a kilt, and we dressed full-garb for the Renaissance Festival
  • The Gear Works and ReCut Designs were born!
  • I found out I’m going to be an auntie!  {The project list has already been started!}
  • My girls and I had our first sewing retreat
  • We moved…{I’m hoping this doesn’t become a yearly thing…}
  • Many projects finished…even more projects started…

And there is just a few things!

Well, Happy New Year all!  May 2013 be a glorious year!