Stitch Fix #1 :: Score!

Yahoo!  Today was the day my first Stitch Fix box was delivered to my doorstep!

After watching so many awesome ladies sharing all of their Stitch Fix finds, I decided to check it out.  I’m not all that stylish, and could probably try harder.  My usual outfit is typically sweatpants and a t-shirt or pull-over.  I’m not the most fashionable person, let me tell you.  I envy all you girls who can just throw something together and look dang cute!  Plus, have someone pick out things for me, and not have to go to the store in the darn cold Minnesota winter?  Yes please!

Anyways, back the the box!  It was so stinkin’ pretty when I opened it, I didn’t want to tear open the tissue paper…but I did!  And was I excited to see what was sent.  In the box, my stylist from Stitch Fix paired up and sent two tops, a cardigan, a pair of colored denim pants, and a necklace in browns and a bright blue.  I’m not always much of a brown girl, but I have definitely wanted to branch out in that direction lately.  I pulled them out, held them up, laid them out, touched them, then figured I should actually try them on.



I went in, tried them on, and let me tell you – I love them all!  Score for the first Stitch Fix box!!

I first tried on the striped shirt with the denim pants.  Adorable!  The pants are actually a little more of an olive color almost, but looked a bit more to the brown family with this set.


Then on went the cardigan…love!!  I am a cardigan and sweater girl, so I knew this was a keeper for sure!


Next was the blue cowl neck shirt and the necklace with the pants…awesome!  I am not always much of a jewelry person – I tend to stick with the same things everyday: my earrings, med bracelet, two rings and necklace.  But this necklace, oh this necklace is a great length to wear with even a t-shirt, and didn’t feel like it was choking me.  Keeper!


So it was settled, I loved it all, it was a score, and nothing is going back!  The best part??  25% off of the entire purchase since I’m keeping all five pieces!  Thank you Stitch Fix!

Honest, if you have ever thought about trying Stitch Fix out, hate going to the mall to shop for clothes, or just want to spruce up your wardrobe a bit, click here and give it a try!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet…hop on over and take my little survey, won’t you??