7 Weekly Happies :: Vol. 1

It’s time for this week’s Seven Weekly Happies!

Weekly Happies

1.  Walking around the lake with J and reconnecting with each other.

2.  We finally have all of the invites out (or scheduled to go out this week)!

3.  This week is the big 3-oh for me!  I’ve decided I’m running to it, not away.  There won’t be any “29 Again years” for this gal.

4.  A meeting this week with our photographer for the wedding.

5.  Our massage appointments this week.  And I get a 90-minute (love my b-day gift from our therapist)!

6.  The sun is out and shining, and I can finally work to get some color.

7.  Visiting with family this weekend at our niece’s graduation party.

What makes you happy this week??