Weeks End Vol.1






















1. Surgery Day Arrived. The long awaited day arrived whether I was ready for it or not. There were hospital gowns and footies, visits to my room, IV’s, and lots of meds. My arm received purple sharpie marks. And I left with a floppy right arm….until the nerve block wore off…oofta.

2. I graduated to Jello and Triangle Triscuits. The first couple days were rough, as expected. Coming off of anesthesia isn’t a trip I highly recommend to anyone. I was excited to finally eat Vanilla ice cream, Jello, and any cracker other than Saltines!

3. Fluffy Puff against my leg. I had a number of visits for Clifford as he checked up on his Momma. There were even a few moments of him cuddled up under the blankets next to my legs. Such a goofy fluff ball.

4. When boredom sets in. Goodness, the amazing things you can do with you non-dominant hand when you get bored enough to try anything. I’ve always loved succulents, and have recently seen ones made of felt floating around Pinterest. I decided to give ‘er a try myself. I really can’t wait to see how they turn out!

5. Invites are ready to go . Well, most of them at least. There are those few last addresses we still need to collect, but just a handful. The others are ready to go! Although a little early, but as they say, “early is on time, on time is late, and late is never acceptable.” So early it is! Bring on the RSVPs!

6. And last, but certainly not least . Mother’s Day! We had a wonderful day, quiet and relaxing, just as Mom had ordered. She received part of her gift yesterday, the rest will be spread throughout the spring and summer as we help in the garden.

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