Thirty for Thirtieth

In honor of a little 30 action, here’s 30 things I plan to do during 30th year:

  1. Head to a St. Paul Saints game, their last year in the current stadium.
  2. Marry the love of my life, my battle buddy, my best friend!
  3. Travel to Hawaii for the first time ever. – It’s almost here!
  4. Take a tour around Maui while J and I are there on our honeymoon.
  5. Run my first 5k (not sure when or where, but it will happen). – And it’s in the books!  May 30th, here I come!
  6. Meet J’s dad.
  7. Go to a roller derby game.
  8. Move into our own place with J.
  9. Sew myself a skirt with fabric that is all set aside.
  10. Finish the Scrappy Circles quilt and the Tumbling Gnome quilt.
  11. Go snow tubing at the local ski hill.
  12. Make 5 recipes for my Pinterest board.
  13. Re-learn sign language.
  14. Head on down to the Paint Pub with a few of my favorite people.
  15. Pay off all of my credit card debt!
  16. Go shooting at the range at least 5 times. – 3 down!
  17. Reupholster the chaise lounge.
  18. Reupholster our two big comfy chairs.
  19. Lose the pesky 20 lbs that won’t go away. – 18 down!
  20. Teach my niece some amazing things in this world.
  21. Attend J’s graduation for his associate’s degree.
  22. Cross off two other states on my & J’s list of 50 states to visit together. – 1 down, 1 to go!
  23. Cut and donate my hair to Locks of Love.
  24. Fill my Etsy shops, Art in My Soul and Recut Designs, and make extra income with them.
  25. Help J to get a website up, and possibly an Etsy shop, for his ceramics.
  26. Upgrade my phone to a newer model! – It is in the mail!
  27. Paint a piece of furniture for our new place, whereever we end up moving.
  28. Do the standing paddle boarding at a local lake.
  29. Try out 2 new restaurants that we haven’t eaten at yet.
  30. Go to an art gallery opening and get all fancied up for it.

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